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Founded by a group of Christian leaders from across the US, Ignite University and Seminary was established to help men and women of God reach their educational goals in order to move more fully into their calling. Our flexible and affordable online graduate programs provide a solid foundation for any biblical ministry.
Whether you are preparing for your first ministry position or rising to a new ministry level, you will find our Master of Divinity Program to be relevant, intellectually challenging and spiritually transformative. And once earned, the Doctorate of Ministries is flexible and easily within reach.

Master of Divinity― 72 credit hrs

BIBLCAL INTERPRETATION & PREACHING— Since this is the heart of ministry, IUS is vigilant in offering strong but straightforward curriculum in hermeneutics, exegesis and preaching, with 8 courses to be offered. Digging deep yields both truth and treasures!
THEOLOGY & CHURCH HISTORY— Correct biblical doctrine and its historical development is an essential and core stabilizer to the faith, and can be unexpectedly fascinating and relevant. Especially important also, is our commitment to exposing students to a diversity of scholarly perspectives while maintaining core Christian tenets.
ETHICS & LEADERSHIP— Innovative leadership skills can revolutionize a ministry, but ethical confusion can tear it apart. Today’s ministers need to be equipped to dismantle stagnation, navigate contemporary issues, and meet ethical and moral challenges with courage.
FOCUS— IUS purposely emphasizes subject areas which enrollees tell us need shoring up or strengthening… such as Hermeneutics, World Religious Systems, Apologetics, Evangelism, Spiritual Freedom, Counseling, the Ministry of the Holy Spirit, and alternative Eschatological Perspectives.
TRANSFORMATION— While seminary in general tends to be highly educational, it’s our desire for students to experience transformation as well. IUS strives to provide such opportunity along the way.

Doctor of Ministries― 56 credit hrs

This is your degree and your ministry. Build your degree by completing 5 requirements for 30 credits and choosing one or more of the below options for the remaining 26 elective credits.
IGNITE UNIVERSITY & SEMINARY ELECTIVE COURSES OPTION— Select a combination of our online courses which you feel will be most relevant and beneficial to your calling in the Kingdom. Departments: Theology and Church History, Biblical Interpretation and Preaching, Ethics and Leadership, Apologetics and Evangelism, Counseling and Transformation, and Ministry of the Holy Spirit.
TRANSFER OPTION— If you’ve been active in the Body a Christ for a number of years, you may already have taken courses or gained experience and training which we may deem credible. Submit these for credit-hour approval. Up to 15 total credits for any combination of documented previous unaccredited coursework, pastoral ministry, missionary work, and exceptional life experience.
PRACTICUM OPTION— Gain new ministry experience through a practicum (supervised practical experience) as you pursue your calling in ministry.
JERUSALEM PROPHECY COLLEGE OPTION— We are delighted to be partnering with Jerusalem Prophecy College to award up to 12 credit hours. Just complete our 30 credit-hours of requirements and 14 credit-hours of electives.


Earning master and doctorate degrees from brick and mortar institutions cost hundreds per credit hour and tens of thousands in total. IUS provides an exciting alternative.
For about one-fourth the cost, much less time, and no student loans, you can receive relevant, sound and transformational training while earning both degrees! We’ll even help you launch a 501(c)3.
For quicker completion, previous ministry courses and life, pastoral or missionary experience may transfer.


No need to set aside specific times of day to attend classes. Our online courses allow you flexibility in determining your schedule, setting your own pace, and completing the programs expediently or at leisure. That being said, we do offer classes in semesters in order to provide community and social interaction.
Diverse curriculum leadership brings vast experience and perspective to your studies.
A variety of user-friendly text-based, power-point, video and forum formats equip you for ministry success.


NON-PROFIT— is the online educational platform of Ignite University and Seminary, a federal 501(c)(3)
ACCREDITATION— IUS is accredited by the American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions
AFFILIATION― IUS is affiliated with the Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers International
OUTREACH— IUS is a global educational institution via US dollar currency
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