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AE506― Archaeology and the Bible

    Elective for MDiv or DMin― 3 credits. Prerequisite: AE501- Comparative Theology.

    If you’re only marginally interesting in archaeology, you’ll be enthused after browsing this book which serves as a catalog of archaeological finds in Israel.

    The colorful and engaging pages of this important and easy-to-read book corroborates biblical details and builds faith. The finds are organized by geographical location― and though posted in 2-3 pages each― are intriguing and adorned with photographs. The resource will be a great addition to your library. Course evaluation is primarily limited to chapter/location quizzes.

    Textbook: Etched in Stone: Archaeological Discoveries that Prove the Bible, Lisette Bassett-Brody, 2018, 252 pages, Paperback, Amazon Prime $15.26.

    World Religions, Apologetics, Evangelism

    Lisette Bassett-Brody

    During a visit to the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Lisette requested a catalog of archeological finds in Israel to discover that there was no such publication. Leave it to a woman to have none of that! Wife of CBN News journalist David Brody, Lissette’s possesses her own exceptional organizational instincts. If you aren’t interesting in archaeology, you will be after browsing the colorful and engaging pages of this important and easy-to-read book which corroborates biblical details. Finds listed by biblical places, people, points of interest or objects.
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