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TC502― Overcoming Oppressive Strongholds

    Required for MDiv― 3 credits. Prerequisite: TC501― Freedom in Christ.

    Fact #1: the terms blessings and curses occur in the Bible over 600 times. Fact #2: one-third of Christ’s recorded healings involved deliverance.

    Are these facts relevant today? Are spiritual roots behind many of the oppressive strongholds we see today?

    There are numerous theories and approaches for counseling. Having explored the breaking of soulish strongholds in TC501, this eye-opening course lays out scriptural foundations for deliverance counseling. You will examine the biblical basis for overcoming spiritual strongholds, and explore what the Bible teaches about curses, demonic powers, and spiritual warfare.

    Through biblical examination of this often-ignored dimension, you will learn from a different perspective the roots of spiritual oppression and how to break the associated strongholds.

    No textbook required. Content is on the course units.

    Ministry of the Holy Spirit

    Frank and Lynmarie Burg

    Survivor of a severe 15-month oppression, Frank’s understanding of depression, suicidal compulsion and oppression is extensive. Dreaming from childhood, Lyn’s interest in making sense of dreams intensified with an onslaught of them after Frank’s deliverance. Both received MDiv’s and DMin’s from Shalom Bible College and Seminary. Current pastors of Spirit of Hope in Lakewood, CO.
    • Prophetic or Pathetic • Overcoming Oppressive Strongholds • Living Spirit-Led
    • Dreams in the Age of Grace • Spiritual Perceptiveness

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