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TC601― Ministerial Preparedness

    Required for DMin― 4 credits. No Prerequisite within DMin program. 2 Lab Fees apply.

    Every single one of us have been affected by rejection, trauma, pressure, disappointment, or loss… often during childhood. These experiences have shaped our spiritual state and faith; and if left unresolved, leave dark clouds over particular aspects of our lives which affect our degrees of success, whether we realize it or not.

    This course gives you a chance for introspection and to begin working through issues which could be affecting your ministry, let alone your family and associations. You will enjoy the one-on-one counseling ministry of Dr. Kay Krattli.

    Introspective intake survey will be available online. Counseling provided through phone or Skype.

    Transformation and Counseling

    Rev. Dr. Kay Krattli

    Advisory Board Director of Ignite University and Seminary, Rev. Dr. Krattli obtained a Master of Divinity and Doctorate of Ministries come from Shalom Bible College and Seminary.
    Dr. Kay lives in the Denver area where she has successfully run a spiritual counseling center specializing in uncovering and dealing with the spiritual roots of many types of oppressions for over thirty years. Prior to that, she served as a missionary in Asia for a number of years.

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