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TCH502― Jerusalem: The Contested City

    Elective for MDiv or DMin― 2 credits. Prerequisite TCH501― Understanding the End Time.

    Did you know that Jerusalem was so esteemed as the headquarters of Jewish worship that in the time of Jesus, the fiancée of a Jerusalem citizen had to pay their weight in gold to qualify for marriage? The city of Jerusalem is not only greatly esteemed, but greatly contested. We require this course because we should understand what’s behind the city and nation that God demands we bless (Gen 12:3; Num 4:29).

    The State of Israel and its very right to exist is a lynchpin issue not only in the Middle-East, but is a critical issue to the world at large. Whether it is the blatant and stated desire of ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, or Iran to wipe Israel from the face of the earth, or the more subtle but equally insidious aim to delegitimize Israel’s existence through efforts at UNESCO, the goal is the same-to get rid of Israel.

    This topic is vital to understand in our times. Allow a Jewish Christian attorney who argues before the Supreme Court to plea his case for the state and capitol of Israel to you… and in the process, experience critical thinking at its best.

    Textbook: Jerusalem: A Biblical and Historical Case for the Jewish Capital, Jay Sekulow , 2018, 338 pages, Hardback, Amazon Prime $15.86.

    Theology and Church History

    Jay Sekulow

    Sekulow serves as Chief Counsel at the American Center for Law & Justice. He has argued in front of the United States Supreme Court 12 times and written 10 books. As a Messianic Jew, his interest in the state of Israel is keen; and as an exceptionally experienced attorney, he knows how to think critically, research thoroughly and communicate effectively. He earned his Ph.D. from Regent University.
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