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Required for MDiv― 3 credits. Prerequisite: TCH510A― Systematic Theology: Scripture

This course focuses on the controversy between: those who believe the revelatory gifts of the Spirit of God ceased with the death of the original apostles and closing of the biblical canon… and those who believe they experience those gifts on a regular basis.

While much of the evangelic community has been taught that the prophetic gifts are no longer in operation, much of the full-gospel community embrace the gifts with scant knowledge of biblical or historical evidence for doing so. And with so much misrepresentation and abuse within the charismatic realm, many believers are turned off or freaked out by the supposed operation of prophetic spiritual gifts.

But what does the Bible actually have to say about it? What do the historical church fathers say? In this course, you will explore whether what believers today are attributing to the Holy Spirit may be truly prophetic or just pathetic.

Curriculum is included. Authored by Rev. Dr. Frank Burg and Rev. Dr. Lynmarie Burg


Ministry of the Holy Spirit

Frank and Lynmarie Burg

Ministry of Holy Spirit
Founders of and The Dreamers Institute; the couple obtained Masters of Divinity and Doctorates of Ministries from Shalom Bible College and Seminary. They serve as co-pastors of Spirit of Hope Christian Church in Lakewood, Colorado; and previously served as Ministers in Living Hope Bible Church, a diverse church in Aurora, CO.
• Cessationism vs. Continuism • Living Spirit-Led • Developing Your Spiritual Perceptiveness
• 15 Keys to Interpretation for Prophetic Dreamers
• 88 Decoding Exercises for Prophetic Dreamers
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