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CT501― Freedom in Christ


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Required for MDiv― 4 credits
Prerequisite: TCH503― Cessationism vs. Continuism
Purchase includes 3 credit-hours at $95 plus curriculum and lab fees


Scripture calls us to spiritual maturity yet we continue to see childlike behavior among the Christians we know and we behave in ways we ourselves often regret.

What is it that keeps us from living without regret and experiencing real freedom in Christ?

As our spiritual life forms and builds, we may be unaware of the process started in childhood which steals our ability to truly put into practice what we learn about living in Christ. By understanding this process, we can overcome negative thoughts, irrational feelings and habitual sins.

Through personal introspection and knowing who we are in Him, we can experience real transformation with the help of the Holy Spirit. This study will not only be helpful to you personally, but profoundly effective in your ministry to others.

Textbook: The Search for Freedom, Robert S. McGee, 2015 edition, 232 pages, paperback
Textbook: Victory over the Darkness, Neil T. Anderson, 2000, 239 pages, paperback

Transformation and Counseling

Robert S. McGee

Robert McGee is a professional counselor and lecturer. He is founder of Rapha, a nationally recognized health care organization that provides in-hospital and outpatient care with a Christ-centered perspective for adults and adolescents suffering with psychiatric and substance abuse problems. He is also president of Search Resources. Ordained as a Southern Baptist minister, his books have sold millions of copies.
• The Search For Freedom

Transformation and Counseling

Neil T. Anderson

Beginning his career as an aerospace engineer, Neil found the Lord while attending a Campus Crusade for Christ event. Two years later, he resigned his position at Honeywell and enrolled at Talbot School of Theology― the graduate school of Biola University― eventually becoming Chairman of the Practical Theology Department. He is a best-selling author on spiritual freedom, founder and president emeritus of Freedom in Christ Ministries, and has authored 111 books.
• Victory Over the Darkness


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