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Enrollment Fees for students approved for DMIn program:

Select IUS MDiv Graduate OR Transfer Student

Registration Fee― $75
2 Required Courses― $350

The following courses will be unlocked for you:

EL601- Ministerial Leadership
EL602- Ministerial Ethics


Books is needed for both courses (Ministerial Leadership and Ministerial Ethics).
Order the TEXTBOOKS ASAP online per course instructions in order to meet the TERM START DATE.

The textbook for Ministerial Ethics may be available for checkout at a seminary or public library. (Some seminaries issue library cards for non-students for a nominal fee.)

NOTE: Feel free to take these courses simultaneously in the same term; and if you are new to the seminary, we suggest you take either these 2 courses (to get a feel for the time commitment of 7 credit-hours) OR add just 3-4 more credit hours. Alternatively, you may take these in consecutive terms as desired.

Additional information

Masters Degree Origin

Transfer Student, IUS MDiv Graduate

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