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MHS504― 88 Decoding Exercises for Prophetic Dreamers


Curriculum included
Elective for MDiv or DMin― 2 credits
Prerequisite: MHS504- 15 Keys to Interpretation for Prophetic Dreamers
Open schedule
Purchase includes 2 credit-hours at $95 plus curriculum and lab fees

*Students must wait for course access instructions from IUS administration (24-48 hrs)


This life-changing and practical 2-module course is intended to boost the skills you built in course MHS503.

You will scrutinize 12 dreams through 88 exercises in order to learn HOW TO THINK when it comes to understanding God-given dreams.

As you will see in the first course, dream interpretation is both an ART and a SCIENCE. This series focuses on the SCIENCE aspect.

Plus, over the course of these dreams and exercises, 70 DREAM INTERPRETATION PRINCIPLES are presented.

And since we learn better through “experience” than we do by being lectured, we employ a version of the Socratic method in this course-series.

Detailed description available HERE.

Curriculum included. Author- Rev. Dr. Lynmarie Burg.

Ministry of the Holy Spirit

Frank and Lynmarie Burg

Ministry of Holy Spirit
Founders of and The Dreamers Institute; the couple obtained Masters of Divinity and Doctorates of Ministries from Shalom Bible College and Seminary. They serve as co-pastors of Spirit of Hope Christian Church in Lakewood, Colorado; and previously served as Ministers in Living Hope Bible Church, a diverse church in Aurora, CO.
• Cessationism vs. Continuism • Living Spirit-Led • Developing Your Spiritual Perceptiveness
• 15 Keys to Interpretation for Prophetic Dreamers
• 88 Decoding Exercises for Prophetic Dreamers


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