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Understanding the End Time & Jerusalem Prophecy College

Understanding the End Time

Ignite University and Seminary is excited to announce that we have partnered with End Time Ministries!

Dr. Irvin Baxter has graciously allowed us to offer his 14-lesson Understanding the End Time series to you free of charge (a $159 value).

Simply click on Course TCH501― Introduction to Eschatology to get started.

Understanding End Time Curriculum— 14 hour-length lessons: United States Discovered in the Bible , New World Order is World Government, Islam in Bible Prophecy – The Four Horsemen, WWIII – Entrance Ramp for the Antichrist, Israel’s God-Given Destiny, Israel – God’s Prophetic Time Clock, Holy Roman Empire Reborn, The Antichrist and the False Prophet, 666 – Mark of the Beast, The Coming One-World Religion– Part 1 and Part 2, The 7 Trumpets, The Second Coming, and Kingdom of God.

For further details on this course, visit

Jerusalem Prophecy College

We are so impressed with Irvin Baxter’s Jerusalem Prophecy College that we have added it as a for-credit option to our Doctorate of Ministries Program! For details on how this fits into our master or doctorate programs, read Ignite University & Seminary Graduate Programs.

“Jerusalem Prophecy College is an outreach effort of Endtime Ministries to educate the people of Israel and globally regarding the link between current events and Bible prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled. Our world is now entering the time of more prophetic fulfillment than has ever taken place in the history of mankind. Many of the events prophesied for the times just ahead will occur in Israel and in the city of Jerusalem. While many Jews in Israel are intensely interested in the prophecies of the scriptures, millions of people worldwide need to have a better understanding of the times in which we live and the unquestionable link to Bible prophecy.”

For further information, talk to an IUS adviser or visit Jerusalem Prophecy College.

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